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Tous les évènements à venir

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Electronic, excitonic and polaronic properties of organic systems within the many-body GW and Bethe-Salpeter formalisms : towards organic photovoltaics

Mercredi 26 novembre 2014 14:00 - Duree : 2 heures
Lieu : Salle "Remy Lemaire" K 223 (1er étage) bât. K de l’institut Néel/CNRS

Orateur : Soutenance de Thèse de Carina FABER (Institut Néel)

You like it organic ? So do we. But this is not about food, but about solar cells. Nowadays, most of the commercial solar cells are made out of silicon. However, their production is costly and energy-demanding. A promising alternative are organic photovoltaic cells, where light is absorbed through polymers or organic molecules. Quantum mechanical calculations contribute to this field by finding new efficient material combinations and by allowing to understand fundamental processes in this special class of materials. In this context, the present thesis aimed at exploring the merits of the ab initio many-body perturbation theory GW and Bethe-Salpeter formalisms. We will show that key features, such as gaps, charge-transfer excitations and electron-phonon interactions are described with unprecedented accuracy. The techniques used are parameter-free and allow for the study of systems comprising up to a few hundred atoms. Calculations have been performed with our recently developed FIESTA code.

Discipline évènement : (Physique)
Entité organisatrice : (Institut Néel)
Nature évènement : (Soutenance de thèse)
Site de l'évènement : Polygone scientifique

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