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Tous les évènements à venir

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2Dseminars@Grenoble : Magnetic and Structural Properties of the Two Dimensional Magnet CrI3

Jeudi 7 novembre 2019 11:00 - Duree : 1 heure
Lieu : Salle du bâtiment accueil, CEA - 17 rue des Martyrs - Grenoble

Orateur : Nicolas UBRIG


Magnetic layered van der Waals crystals are an emerging class of materials giving access to new physical phenomena, as illustrated by the recent observ ation of two dimensional ferromagnetism in Cr2Ge2Te6, CrI3, and many other materials by now. Magnetism in two dimensions is however poorly understood since the Mermin-Wagner theorem forbids magnetic order in two dimensions in the framework of the isotropic Heisenberg model. Therefore, the recent discoveries emphasize the need of exploring these physical effects with new experimental techniques. In this talk I will focus on the structural and magnetic properties of Chromium trihalide compounds (CrX3, where X = Cl, Br, I). In particular CrI3 exhibits surprisingly strong thickness dependent magnetic properties although the bulk parent is known to be a soft ferromagnet. Through magneto-tunneling transport and NV-center magnetometry we show that the magnetic state in atomically thin layers alternates between ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic with an even-odd layer number variation. With support of Raman spectroscopy we identify that the existence of antiferromagnetism in CrI3 is deeply linked to the structural properties of the material.

Contact : clement.faugeras@lncmi.cnrs.fr

Discipline évènement : (Physique)
Entité organisatrice : (LNCMI)
Nature évènement : (Séminaire)
Site de l'évènement : Site CEA sans badge requis

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