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Tous les évènements à venir

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Electrochemically derived nanomaterials

Jeudi 14 novembre 2019 15:00 - Duree : 1 heure
Lieu : ILL, Science Building Room 036 - EPN campus - 71 avenue des Martyrs - Grenoble

Orateur : Magdalena JAROSZ (Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland)

For over two decades, nanotechnology and nanomaterials have gained increasing interest among scientists. It is mainly due to their unique properties, different from their bulk equivalents, and the possibility to easily tailor their morphology. That is why their applicability is continuously increasing, e.g., in the fields of photoelectrochemistry, sensing, thermoelectrochemistry, electroanalysis, energy production and storage, and biomedicine. Among different methods of synthesis, one of the most promising is electrochemical oxidation of metals (anodization). It is a fast, easy and relatively cheap method that allows for obtaining structures with the designed morphology. The aim of this presentation is to give an overview of the materials that are being synthesized in the Electrochemistry Group, JU, as well as to present their potential applications. Briefly, anodization of different metals (i.e., Al, Ti, Sn, Zn, Cu, W, Zr, Fe) and alloys (i.e., Al and Ti alloys) resulting in nanoporous layers, nanowires and nanotubes will be shown. Moreover, the template-assisted electrochemical fabrication of other metal, metal oxide, and polymer nanostructures with various shapes and structures will be shown. Finally, an overview of the fields of applications developed in our Group, such as photoelectrochemistry and photocatalysis, electrochemical sensors, biomaterials, and supercapacitors will be discussed. Dr. Magdalena Jarosz (1987) works in the Electrochemistry Group at the Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Her research interests are focused on two main fields : (i) fabrication and characterization of the multifunctional titanium-based materials for medical applications, and (ii) synthesis and electrochemistry of the novel bioelectrodes.

Contact : mader@ill.fr

Discipline évènement : (Physique)
Entité organisatrice : (ILL)
Nature évènement : (Séminaire)
Evènement répétitif : (General ILL Seminar - College 9)
Site de l'évènement : Polygone scientifique

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