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Tous les évènements à venir

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ATTENTION !!! SEMINAIRE ANNULE !!! Quantum spin liquids : What they are and why you should care about them

Jeudi 25 janvier 14:00 - Duree : 1 heure
Lieu : Science Building Seminar Room, SB-036, ILL, EPN Campus

Orateur : Andrea BIANCHI (University of Montreal, Département de physique)

ILL Theory Group Seminar

Résumé :

Quantum spin liquids came recently into sharp focus after the realization that they could present novel long-range entangled quantum mechanical ground states, similar to the macroscopic long-range entanglement found in superconductors, or lasers. For example, in superconductors, upon cooling the electrons pair up and form a single entangled wave-function. Here entangled means that if we measure the properties of one of the particles in a pair, we immediately know the state of the other member of the pair, independent of their distance or location. At the same time, quantum spin liquids break with the almost 100 year old Landau paradigm of phase transitions, which has been extensively used to classify materials. This can be seen for example in the specific heat of Ce2Zr2O7, a pyrochlore, and the material at the center of my talk. Upon cooling it does not show a sharp peak a peak in the specific heat. If it the quantum liquid ground state was associated with a phase transition, as for example in a classical magnetic phase transition, the change in entropy going from the disorder state a high temperatures to the ordered state a low temperatures would give rise to a sharp peak, which is absent for Ce2Zr2O7, calling for a new classification scheme, as well as different ways to identify these states and their excitations.

Contact : ryan@ill.fr

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